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How To Earn Money Through Blogging


In our last article, we have discussed five simple and easy ways to earn money online. So if you have not checked out our last post then read the previous post first.

In our last article, we haven’t discussed about blogging. Because we need to discuss it in details. So, first of all, we need to know “What is Blogging or Blogger?”.

What is Blogging or Blogger:

Blogger or blogging is a product of Google which provides you to earn money by writing blogs. You can make your blog on a particular topic or you can write any type of blog in your blogger website. If you are good at writing articles then blogging is the best way to earn money online. Lets heads up to our next topic.

How to create a blog:

Google have their official websites to create a blog which is www.blogger.com. You can search in youtube “How to create a blog” and you will a lot of videos which will help you to create a blog. You can customize your blog as you want and at last, you will get a blogger link which will be like www.example.blogspot.com (This URL is only for example). Then you can post your articles on your blog.

How to generate revenue through blogging:

To generate revenue through your blog you have to create a Google AdSense account. After getting the approval from AdSense you will be able to put ads on your blog. So, now the question is “How to get google adsense approval”. Don’t worry we will post another article soon on this topic about how to get Google AdSense approval to put ads on your blog.

Why you will be paid for blogging:

If you get the approval from Google Adsense then you will be able to display ads on your blog. And if any viewer clicks on an ad then you will get some revenue for clicking on the ad. But be aware of self-clicking. If you click on your own ads then your AdSense account may be suspended or disabled.

How to get traffic in Blog:

The real problem every beginner blogger has to face is getting traffic on the blog. If you are not expert in SEO then It can be quite difficult to bring traffic on your blog in the beginning. So, how to get traffic to your blog? And the answer is patient. The patient is the prime key to achieve success in blogging. User will automatically visit your blog when you post articles regularly. But there are also several genuine ways to get traffic on your blog. First is to Focus on Your Content and make it Purposeful, try to write on trending topics to get more traffic, promote your content, Keep an eye on your competitors, see what they are posting, share your blog on social media and ask others to Share as well. However, the best way to draw traffic to your blog is to create High-Quality Backlinks. You can see our post on “How to Create Backlinks for my Website” for more.

Some Other ways to earn more from blogging:

There are a few other ways which will help you to earn more from blogging. If you need to add a link in your blog then you can use a shortened link. And if any user clicks the link then you will get some revenue. Also if you need to attach a file’s download link then you can use a ppd* link.

Affiliate link** is also a good way to earn more. If you are reviewing any product in your blog then you can put an affiliate link in your blog. And if any user will buy the product from the link then you will get a commission for it.

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