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How To Increase Installs In Play Store


Play Store is an online app market owned by Google. Here user can download free apps as well as paid apps. So, if you develop apps then you can publish apps on play store through a console account and create some revenue through ads which are put in your app. But the problem is that after publishing the app on PlayStore you don’t get as many installations as you expected even if your app is good enough. This could be due to the reason that your app is not reaching to the audience. In this article, we will discuss a few ways to get more install for your app. The best way to increase the install of your apps are:

Paid Promotion:

Paid promotion is one of the best ways to get more installs. You can create an advertisement for your app through Google Ad Words. Then Google will make an ad for your app. And because people trust google it will make them think that your app is useful and they will click on the ad. And you will get more installations.

Promote App By YouTube:

If you have a youtube channel or if you know any good youtuber then you can promote your app by your own youtube channel or you can promote your app through other YouTube channels. But you will have to pay the youtuber for promoting your app. You can choose a youtuber who has a minimum of 5000 subscribers. you can contact the youtuber and ask him to promote your app. In this video, the description of your app will be given by the youtuber as well as the playstore link of your app from where people will be able to download your app. If the viewers will find your app useful, they might install your app.

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Focus on Application’s Quality:

You should focus on the quality of the application, which you are planning to publish in the play store. There are a lot of apps on play store which are very useful but people don’t install them because of the bad quality and bad user interface. If you develop an app by yourself then you should focus on the app’s quality and user interface. And if your app has been developed by some developers then make sure that the user interface and quality of the app must be good.

Place Fewer Ads in Your App:

Ads are one of the biggest reasons for getting low install on playstore. It is true that ads provide you to generate the revenue in your app. But you should also look after the user experience. Placing too many ads in your application is freaky for the user and he will get angry with your app. It’s not that you should not place ads in your app but you should place fewer ads in the app to get more installs.

Share Your App on Social Media:

If you are quite famous on social media like Facebook, Instagram or you have a facebook page with a lot of followers then you can share your app on these social media platforms. Also, you can use WhatsApp to share your app. You can share your app’s playstore link to your friends or to your family members and request them to try your app. Sharing the app on social media is also a good way to get more installs on playstore.

Make an App Different From Others:

If you are developing an application which is similar to other application which is already published on playstore then it could be a little hard for your app to get many installs. So, try to develop applications that are different from the apps that are already published on playstore. You can ask your friends about the content of your app. Or you can show your creativity in your app. If your app is unique and different from other apps then you have more chances to get more downloads.

Can be used daily:

Try to create an app which people can use in their daily life for example calculator, messaging, photo gallery, etc. People use these types of apps in their daily life. If your app is not usable in day to day life then the user will uninstall it after using it once. So, you should try to make an app like that.

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