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How to Create Blog on Blogger


If you want to start a blog that’s a great idea but do you know how to create a blog? A lot of blogging platforms offer users to create a blog for free. If you want to create a free and perfect blog, then my suggestion would be to start blogging with WordPress.com or BlogSpot.com.

Why should you start blogging?

  • It’s a good idea to express yourself. You can share information and news to your audience and others.
  • You can also be popular because of the blog
  • If you like writing, then you can become a better writer
  • The best thing about blogging is that you can earn good money.
How to Create Blog on Blogger

Why should we choose to blogger?

  • Blogger is a free and easy way to create blogs.
  • Blogger is Google’s product, so you have, your trust.
  • You can easily monetize with google adsense and other product and Payouts are also easily made

How To Create Blog on Blogger.Com

Firstly to create a Blogger account, login from your Gmail account in Blogger, if you don’t have a Gmail account then you can create. If you are a new user, you will see an option to use the identity from your Google Plus profile, or you can use your limited BlogSpot profile. My suggestion you would go with google plus profile.

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Choose Blog Title and Theme

How to Create Blog on Blogger

The first thing that you need title or name of blog and address or domain of the blog, ignore using your personal name as the domain. After this, you can select blog template or custom theme (you can change it later) then click on create blog. Your blog is ready now you can write and write articles but some other settings that you need to change.

Customize the Theme setting

If you want to change or customize your blog theme as you want. Click on theme option and click on backup/restore option you can download your recent theme or upload a new theme. And if you want to customize then click on edit HTML and customize what you want.

Optimize your Blog

If you want more search engine visibility and better user experience then you must need to change some setting, these steps one-time process. Click on the setting option which is on the left side panel and follow these step.

Adding Blog Description

Go to setting and click on the basic option you will see the description option click on it and enter your blog’s description it helps readers and search engines know what your blog is about. By entering a description, your blog will be in search and more people will know about your blog.

Optimizing your post section of the blogger blog

How to Create Blog on Blogger

This section will customize your blog homepage and single post settings.

These settings are pretty self-explanatory, and you can change the post option means how many post you want on the home page and if you want to change commenting option and if you have any issues, about anything then you can click on the question mark symbol to get more details about it.

SEO for Your Blog

How to Create Blog on Blogger

In this section, you can change some settings which help in SEO and rank your blog.

The Meta tag is very useful for any blog, it is also used to rank the blog. You will write a good summary of your blog, it attracts readers from google search.

Custom page not found: once people visit on your website through a URL that not exists, you can set a message to them that the page doesn’t exist.

Custom redirects: If someone links to any of your posts or pages, in his website or copied links for future use And you delete that page or post or the link to a wrong URL that doesn’t exist, you can use custom redirects feature, you can redirect all the links to any page or redirect to home page.

Editing Layout

In this section, we will learn what will change and how will change in layout.

Blogger offers a lot of free templates and you can change it your own way and make it even better by small changes.

Adding Logo

How to Create Blog on Blogger

A logo defines and identifies your complete brand, your website looks professional by having a logo. Blogger .com allows you to add your custom logo for your website

Click on header option, you will see the upload button and you upload your logo if you do not have a logo then you can make it with someone or you can create it yourself by using canva.com and others site.

Adding Logo

This option is not most required, a favicon is given by blogger, which is their official favicon, if you have a favicon or you can design then upload, it will be better to see the website.

Adding Custom Gadget

Custom gadgets mean you can add various function through HTML code, blogger .com gives some extra gadgets like contact form, search option, more fallow feature post and many more, If you know HTML code then you can add anything which you want like social share, Facebook fan page and many more.

 How To Publish Content

How to Create Blog on Blogger

Your blog is ready, now its time to write, but before this, you will need some pages like About us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer if you want to add more pages. After adding these pages, you can write your first post. Click on New post and you will see the blank page with some tools. Now write the title of your article and then start writing the post if you want to write using the HTML code then you can write by clicking on the compose option and you can also insert the image in the middle of your article by clicking on the image icon, you can also add heading or subheading. After writing a post you can see more option on the right side. Add custom permalinks, use labels for user better experience and write a description for that post which helps for rank your blog and clicks on publishing. After writing some post you will monetize your blog click on earning button and make Adsense account and verify your blog.

Hopefully, you have been taught to make a blog, if there is a problem, please comment below. I will try to solve the problems of all.

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