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How to Create High-Quality Backlink


In today’s topic, we will discuss about “how to create high-quality backlinks”. High-quality backlinks are the most important factor for ranking the blog. When a ranked website links to a website, then search engine crawler gets a positive signal, and it tells the linked website is also good, valued and useful, and therefore the ranking of that website increases.

If you also want to get your website ranked in search and increase traffic, then backlinks create high quality for your website, let’s see how to create high quality in 2019. Ranking any post or website without backlink and good content is impossible, and creating high-quality backlinks is not easy but there are some strategies that can help to create quality backlink in 2018. Let’s get started.

Strategies to Create High-Quality Backlink 2018

1. Write High-Quality Content

The first thing is your content. it must be is very good and valuable, If your website has informative content then other sites would want to link to your website. If your website is not good looking or lack of valuable information then other sites will not see you as an authoritative brand worth linking to. High-quality content earns links for a long time.

2. Building Public Relation

the best way to build high-quality backlinks in 2019 is to build public relationship.

In 90% case, people don’t know who you are, they did not link your website. So, the public relations is important for making backlinks, public relationship immediately did not increase your website rankings. It will help for your future rankings. Best ways of making relationship being active on social media search people or contact and build the relationship. When people know about you and your website then they easily link your site. Leveraging public relations is the most necessary step in your backlinking journey.

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3. Build Links from Outdated Resources

The First Step is that you need to find sites in your industry that has done some changes recently like: Site name, move to new URL or have dead links. Now that you’ve found a site that recently re-branded or a site feature that’s no longer there, it’s time to find the links which are not working or deadlines. Contact or email the owner of the website and tell him I found some deadlinks or some links not working in your site, you may remove these URL and tell him about your website, request for adding your site.

4. Comment on other relevant blog posts

Another great way to create high-quality backlinks in 2019. Find a website in your industry that has high D.A and P.A and comment on other pieces of content. Now, before you go off and start passionately commenting on other blog posts, you need to know that most of the sites don’t give permission to add your link to their comment box. So add some meaningful comment as well with the link.

5. Social signals

Social signals communicate to search engines about how active and updated your website is and the more active your website is, the better your rankings. Your website rankings are that the more social places you engage, the better. Social sharing is a good way to making backlinks, increase your website traffic and also increase your ranking. Social strategy helps increase traffic to your content and increase your exposure, which is great for your brand and also your link building efforts.

6. Using Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a good way to gain backlinks but this method is time taking because you need to publish better article  and need many articles. Find sites in your industry who accept guest posting, contact them and send your article and that’s how you can get a good backlink. Many bloggers consider this method best to gain backlinks.

7. Create an Infographic

People love infographics. you can make your website look pro by using infographics.

Readers like to browse through visuals since they are simple and easy to understand. Which means content marketers love to share them. And if you create an infographic for your website and someone shares it on their website, they need to link to your website.

8. Building Broken Links

The publishers don’t have a valid link forever, sometimes there are links that are broken or incorrect. Keep an eye out and look for these types of broken links, as they provide an opportunity for you to gain high-quality backlinks. Once you see a broken link on a website (that has relevance to your brand or industry), contact the publisher, inform them of the error, and provide a link back to your website that would be a good replacement.

9. Reclaim Image Links

Images in websites link to their source. Sometimes, these links do not inform to the suitable website, or they’re broken. Keep an eye out for these opportunities also, especially if a website has connected to one of your graphics. Make sure that all of your graphics used on different sites appropriately link back to your site.


You want to build backlinks.

Well, there are 9 ways: public relationship, write high-quality content, Build link from the Outdated resource, create an infographic, Guest post, link externally and then let the other website know about it, comment on other blog posts, and align your social signals.

These strategies ultimately solve Building backlinks problems by building relationships.

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