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10 Most Expensive Paintings Sold In 2016

tem expensiv paintings 2016

10. Kerry James Marshall- Plunge


Estimates for sales for “plunge” were $ 1 million to $ 1.5 million, and the painting was sold for $ 2,165,000. at Christie’s. An acrylic and paper collage on the canvas, “plunge” shows an image wearing an animal print bikini, Who is apprehensive about diving into a suburban backyard swimming pool. Similar to Marshall’s many other paintings featuring water, The image references the middle path. The artist literally uses the word “Atlantic” in the pool’s water and, in turn, the toy tugboat that appears nearby takes on the symbolism of an ocean-faring slave ship.

9. Two Nudes In A Forest

Two Nudes In A Forest

The painting was originally entitled “The Earth It’self” and was a gift by Frida Kahlo giving his intimate girlfriend to the Mexican film Dolores del Rio. This painting was auctioned by Sotheby in 1989 and was estimated with a bid price of $ 120,000- $ 160,000. In the end, it was sold to the owner of the New York Art Gallery, this painting just fetched $8 million in 2016. Mary Ann Martin, who was special in Latin American Art. Pop star Madonna was trying to get this painting, but she went ahead.

Even with her husband Diego Rivera, Frieda did not try to hide her bisexuality. This painting revealed its ambitious sexuality. Two nude women were sitting in the background of the forest. The light-skinned woman keeps her head in the lap of another dark-skinned woman. And in the background, this scene is seen by a monkey, which is traditionally a symbol of Satan and sin. Others said that this painting is not sexual, but reflects two facets of Frida’s conflict: European and Mexican Indians, comforters and rest.

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8.  Runaway Nurse (2006) – $9.7 million

Runaway Nurse

Richard Prince’s sexy contemporary painting “Runway Nurse” was bought by Yasaku Mezawa. Last sold for $ 6.8 million in 2011, it is increasing the prince’s value. Runaway is the series of “Nurse” which title is Prince. The artwork of the Prince has always controversial since 1970. They have taken prestigious pictures and made kitski and sometimes called some sexists. His most recent work has drawn attention from people outside the art world, and obviously, his work is valuable.

7. Sam Francis – Summer #1

Summer #1

Sam Francis has seen an increase in the value of many pieces in the last few years, including this contemporary piece after 1957. The painting of the California artist has become increasingly valuable in the last few years. Like Jackson

The work of Polk and Franz Kline, Francis is an abstract impression. The vibrant color of paint scales is the subject of most of Francis’ work. In the mid-20th century, abstract perception was important, which defined the duration of contemporary art.

6. Agnes Martin – Orange Grove

Orange Grove

The sale of Agnes Martin’s “Orange Grove” is relevant because it is a post-contemporary piece and because it shows renewed interest in female artists of the 20th century. The piece was expected to sell for $ 6.5 to $ 8.5 million, the buyer of this painting loves oranges but Finished after bringing $ 11 million closer. The abstract painting shows the yellow-orange lines around 4 orange sold with infinitely horizontal and vertical orange lines that appear through the width and length of the painting.

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5. Le bassin aux nympheas (1919)  $27 million

Le bassin aux nympheas

Claude Monet was one of the most popular impressionist painters in the early 20th century. With vibrant colors and natural scenes, Monet was the master of Impressionism. Most of their pieces are in museums around the world. This year it went into the block and received $ 27 million in the auction. In pictures, the flowers of his garden were painted at his Givarni house, and during his last thirty years of his life, he was the main focus of his artistic production. Many works were painted while Monnet was suffering from cataracts.

4. Mark Rothko – No. 17

No. 17

Blue and green oil painting is from the blue period of Rothko and it is a symbol of contemporary and contemporary art. After the “mature” period in Rothko’s art, he portrayed “Segam murals” which can be seen in Tate Gallery in London. Painting is an example of Rothko’s experimental work. Which sold earlier this year in Christie for more than $ 32 million.

3. Jean-Michel Basquiat – Untitled


This contemporary piece from 1982 is one of the top attractions in the neo-expressionist style, and it continues to increase in value. Twelve years ago it was sold for just $ 4.5 million. But like runway nurse, it was bought by Yusuke Kalva for more than $ 57 million. Since 2012, the Basquiat’s painting is being sold. This year saw an increase in value. The same painting was last sold for only $ 4.5 million in 2004. Basquiat’s has achieved post-humus success. This piece was bought by the 40-year-old tycoon, Yusaku Maezawa.

 2. The lot and His Daughters

The lot and His Daughters

It is by far the second most expensive Rubens painting, which only trailing only their “Master of Innocents”. It is a very old painting as well as very valuable too. Sales of Peter Paul Rubens’s “Lot and His Daughter” proves that the Old Masters are still valuable. Only one Ruben’s was sold for more: “Master of the Mass” for $ 76.5 million in 2002. “Lot and His Better” has been in the private collection. This was once owned by John Churchill, the first Duke of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I and Marlborough.

1. Pablo Picasso – Femme Assise

Femme Assise

Picasso is not for everyone, but there is no doubt that their paintings have received some of the highest amounts in the world in 2016, which saw their Femme Assise sales for just $ 63 million. This painting is credited with presenting a new form of art. And of course, this is a Picasso.

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