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What is Plagiarism? How to Check Plagiarism?


What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying content from other sources without giving any credit. Plagiarism is to take the words or thoughts of other people and show that they are your own. Plagiarism is a serious problem and increases on the web. Anyone in the world can copy your online content and after making a minor change and paste it on their own website. Due to the huge increase in website making, more and more people are finding easy ways to copy other content or data to get more traffic to their websites or blogs. The Google search engine crawler is also smart to understand that which content has been copied and which is not, but it is your responsibility, you should not copy others content instead try to write your own content, it will be unique and will help you to bring new audience to your website. Plagiarism can be defined as the most “similar imitation” in which a particular work done by the author is copied originally without the author’s knowledge or approval.

Types of Plagiarism

In terms of blogging, Plagiarism has many different forms:

Intentional Plagiarism

Usually, it happens when your entire data or content is copied by someone intentionally, they are doing it consciously. The most obvious case of copyright infringement is people take full articles and other content from any other person and republish them on their website without taking permission or giving attribution. Most cheap freelance writers often do that. Article spinners and new bloggers who nothing knows about the laws of internet guidance are also victims of it.

Unintentional Plagiarism

Unintentional plagiarism occurs when someone obtains content and thoughts and cites them inaccurately. People unintentionally copy when they don’t understand that borrowed thoughts and content must be cited. The content copied is done without knowing about it. This usually happens when you are writing a few sentences and other blogs have similar sentences. It can be detected when you work for someone else without giving proper attribute and credit. This can be done by accident.

What should not be considered as plagiarism?

When you cite your content properly like common knowledge, general and widely available information, the plagiarism will not be considered.

To identify the copied content online. If you want to know who has copied your content, Plagiarism checker tools help you easily understand. Google releases the latest updates to penalize or award websites.

Why you should avoid plagiarism

Google does not like plagiarism. Google consider it as duplicate content and your website can be penalized for it. it is not good for organic traffic.

If your website has plagiarism content or bad strategies for link making, then it will be automatically penalized by Google updates such as panda and penguins. If you have quality content, you will get top results of SERP, it is as easy as it is.

Whenever someone copies content from other websites, Google crawlers find many pages on the search results with the same information. Even if you are not copying from others, your site may still be penalized for the theft of others. However, you can prevent this by checking regularly on google search results whether if somebody is copying your content or not.

Then you need to take specific actions (DMCA, etc.) to remove that content from other pages.

Find a copy of your content on the Internet, plagiarism checker websites help you solve your problems.

Top Plagiarism Checker Tools and Websites are:

Plagiarism Checker

This site is good for all the authors and teachers or lecturers, you can check the documents, web pages, and articles and many more for duplicates and could report any plagiarism immediately detected. Plagiarism Checker is not free. Other theft identity services are also available but you will need to buy a membership.

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Article Checker

Article Checker works great, it can check your work directly and quickly by pasting your text/task to compare. No registration or downloading anything is required. Check any possible duplicates within seconds, though the results can be dissatisfied many times.

Plagiarism Checker by Edu Birdie

EduBirdie tool is the best plagiarism checker tool forever. If you want to create high quality and error-free copy to get more visitors to your site, then this tool is for you.

Attach the file from your computer or copy your content and paste it into the box. Click on ‘check my essay’ button. Wait for 10 to 20 second after submitting your request and check your content.  Check your plagiarism report with include unique percentage of your content and copied word are highlighted.


This site works like most other websites. It provides basic checking services for free but if you want to identify three times more accurate than the free version, you can sign up for $ 8 per month premium edition.

Plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools

This is a site that provides services other than Plagiarism like article rewriter tools, you can use links tracker, and search engine Singler, and backlink maker and many other features. It’s a free tool that will check your blog posts, phrase by phrase, and give you scores on its uniqueness. If you write long content, it takes a little time to check, but the sweep appears to be quite well.


It is a paid tool that is supposed to check your content against 8 billion websites. Its plan starts at $ 11.66 / month for annual contracts and goes up to $ 29.95 for just one month. Grammarly is a good tool for professionals’ user who has to check a lot of text.

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