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Biggest SEO Myths That You Should Never Follow


Biggest SEO Myths That You Should Never Follow

I love SEO. I love talking about SEO. These SEO myths prevent diligent content marketers and bloggers from improving their search traffic and website rankings.

If there are any SEO claiming that they are affiliated with Google then this is a big myth because Google never discloses who their SEO partners and colleagues are. Therefore, you should be aware if an SEO consultant or agency promises you to improve your website’s ranking, then it is a SCAM. No top Google search engine can guarantee the rank.

People are prone to choose quick methods. Well, life is very small. Those who need all those long-term results. But we definitely need an efficient result. Also, the disadvantage after the quick SEO campaign based on common misconceptions will take more time to recover from implementing a well-thought-out SEO process. While some people can’t go without the quick results and any research, these myths will never end. You need to recognize whatever you want and treat any information with caution. Knowledge is power only. Complete knowledge is indestructible!

SEO is a scam

They promised to bring on the top of the SERPs but it never happened. Thus, everything that is called SEO is a big lie, and everybody who provides SEO services is a scoundrel.  This is not SEO.

This is one of the most harmful myths from those who want quick and easy victory with little effort. However, in some cases there are SEO wins that meet these criteria, usually when a site has easily improved technical issues. In other cases, SEO involves actual effort and commitment, which often pays additional rewards beyond the increase in traffic. When someone prompts you to speak from zero to zero in a month, then you clearly understand that this is not possible and you will not go for it.

XML sitemap will boost your search rankings

Have you installed Google XML Sitemap Generator on your WordPress site?  Can Sitemaps Increase Your Search Rankings?  In the ranking factor, XML sitemap does not make any direct effect to ranking on your website but there is an impact in an indirect way. 

However, if you want to create a crawlable site then the XML Sitemap is required. So, whenever you will create a new post or edit the existing one, the Google XML Sitemap Generator creates an updated sitemap with the new pages and submits it to google.

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Content Is All You Need

“Content is king”??

You will find many articles that make up this article. 

Well, it not completely true, however, it is one of the most valuable business partners for links, design, and usability. Content and links both are the important part of the SEO world. You must have both. Will not work without each other.

Google will tell you many long-tail question ranks without links. this is true. There is also the possibility that these long tail questions are so unique that there is no competition for them, so the links do not play an active role in playing competitive roles.

Keyword Density

There was a time when there was some validity in the keyword density.

Even sometimes people fill white text on a white background to rank their website. But Google is smarter and began to get rid of the keyword stuffing as a viable practice and even now those who have achieved good results from applying density testing to very small keyword placements are no longer Know what the keyword density will help.

In both cases, it does not exist anymore.

Although you can still put any word on the page many times, there is no fixed limit on what page rank is. In fact, now you can get results where the keyword does not exist in the visible part of the page. It can be in the image tagging, link or elsewhere, where it cannot be a part of the content which may not even be an exact match. It is not specific, but it does not exist.

Meta tags don’t matter

The topic of the effect of the Meta Keyword tag is debatable in the SEO world. According to Danny Sullivan article “death of meta tags,” they may not be useful in today’s SEO.

Matt Cutts has said that Google does not use meta tags in the page ranking. However, the Meta keyword descriptions are still relevant and it is understandable to spend time on them.

Meta keyword phrases cannot promote your search ranking, but meta tags help users and search engines to tell what your site is,  said by Christine Schechinger. They also make your search results look attractive, which helps to attract more clicks to search engine users.

Duplicate Content Is a Penalty

No duplicate content is penalized!

it is also a myth that the Duplicate material will penalize but it is not true. Google has a duplicate content filter, which directly means that if there is more than one item of the same content which is the same, then Google will not rank for both of the same queries. It will only one give a rank. it is said that duplicate content will affect your website with Panda algorithms, but in fact, it is more about the quality of the site rather than manual actions.

Tip: The duplicate content filter applies to the title and meta description as well. Be sure to make all your titles and details unique.

Social Media Helps You Rank

Social media, well done, you get exposure. You can find links and quotes in that contact. Those links and quotes can give you a better ranking. But social media posting does not really helpful in ranking your website. Social media does not link to you, but it encourages others to link with you. It also means that social media post can avoid its ecosystem and provide you with a correct site link.

Buying Google Ads Helps with Organic Ranking

No. Investing in PPC will not boost your organic search ranking. Paid Rankings and Organic Ranking Function at different levels. The index database offers organic search results, while sponsored links depend on your bid and investment. The conversion rate for traffic for PPC-sponsored links is usually much higher than organic traffic.

SEO is dead

After yet another Google algorithm update, whatever SEO efforts you have made, your earned ranking is simply wasted.

You give Google a few and o-la-la! Google gives you all the answers from your database. Aaaargh! what is this? Is SEO dead or something else?

SEO is not dead. It’s not even a zombie. It’s just a shape giver. There is only one continuous change about it. An ever-evolving creature. There are a lot of developments in the area – such as mobile search, semantic search, and so on – that Google has at least the answer to the answer.

I know that this is not such a reliable formula, following which you definitely will succeed. However, SEO is such a vast field of established and new practices that it is silly to say that it is dead. Of course, if you stick to some old techniques that were effective earlier, but now are punishable by the new Google algos, then you are more dead than SEO.

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