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How to Earn Money Through Amazon Affiliate


If you have a blog or website and want to earn extra income then Affiliate marketing is a very good option for you. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online store. Amazon is the first choice of every one among so many online markets or affiliate to sell its products. You can earn 4 percent or more on every purchase from Amazon. Amazon has established itself as the best e-retailer in years, customers trust Amazon and they repeatedly buy products from them. There is almost every product available on Amazon in various category. It can help you to easily find the product for your niche.

Beginner’s Guide 

Start a Website or Blog

Start with the free online blog using Blogger, the cost is only when you customize your blog and add your content.  Learn some basic HTML is standard markup language for creating web pages. This step is important as you can keep your costs low to get what you want. when you want to make your blog on WordPress then Set Up Your Web Hosting and choose your domain name and buy it and connect your domain to hosting. After connecting domain, install WordPress in your hosting, which is totally free to use, many hosts have one installation process for this, or you can download it and follow their installation instructions.

You can start by Choosing your niche, then make product reviews and recommendations, and choose a topic that you enjoy, which you can display some expertise about. There is various type of templates available on WordPress. This gives you much freedom and control over the look-and-feel of your site. Set up a social media account for your blog or site and add these accounts on your sites. Social media sites improve search engine rankings, increase your backlink and stay in touch with your readers and regularly share your post link on social media. There is also an option to post Amazon links on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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 Sign Up as an Amazon Associate (Affiliate)

Before signing up Read all the information carefully available on Affiliate-program.amazon.com. You will have to understand which product is eligible of and how to post. click on the Join Associates button at the below of the page. Your site must have at least a basic setup already, even if you do not have any content yet. Then will Amazon review your site before giving the approval. Amazon Affiliates reward advertising fees, or commissions, which is depending on the type of product.  They also increase the advertising fee after More than 6 purchases per month from your link.

You can Sign in with your Amazon username and password. At this time choose or input your official payment address from a list. Fill all the information of your website, web traffic, and online monetization. Which is asked by Amazon, you can also enter all the sites that you will use to post the Amazon link. Verify your identity before going ahead. Start looking through Amazon’s products at the Associates Central.

Choose product

Choose some products to integrate into your blog post. It’s a good idea to use the “bestseller” filter to find the best-selling products in any category.

Adding link in your blog

Post the link in your website or blog. You can also choose to add an image, and text or a text link, etc. depending on you, how you want to see it. Use the Amazon Associates Strip at the top of the page and use Toolbar, to capture links to products you want to post.

Optimize your earnings by posting links

Amazon affiliate links are active for 24 hours, potential buyers clicked on your link, are active for up to 24 hours. Fresh links have more opportunities to earn money.

Build links to many different types of products

People are getting their attention on Amazon using their links so that they can make all the purchases they are waiting to use to use your referral link. You can Share your Amazon Associates Referral Link with peoples and make purchases by your link. This is not to be the main way to make money, it can improve your commission structure several times. You can add a widget to your site from Amazon Associates has widgets. You can make a list of recommended products in the sidebar.

Optimize your blog or website. search engine optimization practices, such as keyword density, short URLs, and backlinks to increase web traffic on your site. The more people read; the more clicks will be on your Amazon Associates link.

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