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How To Get More Traffic By Less Blogging


It’s always difficult to bring traffic to your website especially if you are a new blogger. But if you are using the right method in the right way to draw traffic to your site then you won’t face any problem increasing the readership. There are a lot of effective ways that can have a great impact on your traffic. You just need to understand these simple tactics to get huge traffic like some successful bloggers who get tons of traffic. In this article, we will tell you many effective ways to bring organic traffic to your blog or website. If your content is SEO friendly then these simple ways can help your website to rank higher in search results. So, let’s start!

Topic selection

The first step is to select the right topic to write. If your topic is not interesting then its going to take a lot of time for you to bring traffic even if your content is good. So, choose a topic wisely if you do not want to struggle.

There are many research and monitoring tools from which you can select a topic to write. Like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, SEMrush and Feedly. Here are how these tools work:

  • provides you the data like which topic is generating the most traffic and social shares.  You can log into your own domain or any other domain, and see what’s shared socially.
  • They Track competitors and analyze them based on their content and helps you to find the keywords that your competitors are ranking for in google search.
  • You can see data in graphs from which you can find the topics that are increasing or decreasing the interest of the audience and find influencers with special topics as well.
  • This will give you an estimated idea of how much traffic these keywords can bring.
  • You also Get alerts based on keywords, brand names, links, author names or domains.

Now that you know how to find choose a topic that attracts traffic, you can start writing. If your topic targets the right audience then you can win the battle for gaining the attention online.


After selecting a topic, the next step is to write the content. Try to make your content valuable enough to stand out from all the rest. There is always competition on every topic, you can find a lot of similar post on a single topic on various blogs.

The question is how can you make your content useful and unique?

It’s simple, people don’t like to read same content on over and over again, they want something new and if you are providing it to them in a single post then definitely, they will stay on your post. They don’t have to go anywhere else if your content is long and detailed and written with depth.

How can you do that?

Go and read what your competitors are writing, including what they have left in their post, find a unique angle and improve the usability. Create stuff people want to link to and share. If your content meets a specific need then certainly you will have no problem finding the right audience for your content.


It’s the headline that brings visitors to your post, so try to make it as enticing as you can for the readers. Headline matter just as much as the content. No matter how good your content is if it has a shabby headline, you are not going to bring traffic to your post any time soon. It should be promising and irresistible however, make sure to deliver the things, you are promising in headline.

There are some tools that can help to analyze your headline for free. For example, CoSchedule, it gives some cool tips to improve them. it will help you to create awesome headlines that can capture the interest of your visitors.


By keyword concentration Google understand what that page is about, you can use it to bring more traffic from the search engines.it gives you targeted traffic. Keywords and SEO are always a part of the strategies used by all the famous and successful blogger like Neil Patel. And if you can do the SEO in the right way then you will also draw huge traffic to your blog soon. So, how can you use keywords or SEO?

Responding to the comments left by the visitors on your blog is also a great way to increase traffic. By responding to the comments, you build a relationship with your visitors and they look forward to your new posts. It also makes your blog look professional. by responding to your comment carefully like answering to the queries or simply thanking to the complements you give an impression that you are an active blogger and know what you are talking about. They come back to see the answers given by you and also subscribe to keep updated.

Ensure that every page on your site has a keyword strategy. you can use keywords in your context text and headline that you think people will search for, use this keyword in your content as well. However, don’t overdo it like keyword stuffing. Link other post related to this subject for more information to make the visitor stay on your blog.


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