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How To Get More Traffic By Less Blogging


Most traffic does not always get you what you want. You should always focus on creating relevant and targeted traffic it helps with all the strategies. There are several ways to get free traffic to your website form which you can get more traffic on your blog. In this article, we will tell you many ways to bring traffic to your blog or website.


First of all, try to choose a topic wisely and write headlines that are engaging. Headlines attract to people to read your article and adding some infographics in your post will help you to bring traffic, even more, A study of buzzsumo found that the posts that have infographics received more shares than any other content type.  Make your content SEO Friendly.

Send Emails

Social networks can come and go, but your email list will always be yours. Many people send emails about their latest content, which includes links to some posts. It works and it will increase your traffic, this work be a better way for you. You can send emails with a link of your blog, to gain extra traffic. You can take a step further by adding things to your latest blog post.

Share on Social Media

Sharing your blog’s post on social media can be a great way to increase your traffic.

Facebook is the largest social media platform for gaining traffic. There are 271 million active users on Twitter every month. Google+ is more than 300 million. LinkedIn is more than 300 million. If you share your post on social media, if people like your post then, they spread your blog or post around the world. You can also use Quora to draw traffic, it is the best option to increase D.A and P.A as well.

Start getting involved and active on social media groups. In Facebook, there are many groups for every niche. You also have a Google+ community, linked groups, and a Twitter chat. These are the communities of people where you can share your post and increase your traffic. If you are not doing it, then it is totally your loss.

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Push Notification to subscribers

Push notification is also important for increasing traffic, Sometime people do not check their mail, therefore, your subscriber forgot about your blog and then you lose your subscriber after subscribing your blog. If your visitors allow you to send notification and your site regularly send notification then people come on your blog and it resultant increase your traffic.

Use BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool. This tool shows which topics are generating the most social shares. Here is how it works:

  • It finds content that people share on social media platforms -You can log into your own domain or any other domain, and see what’s shared socially
  • Find influencers with special topics
  • Get alerts based on keywords, brand names, links, author names or domains
  • Track competitors and analyze them based on their content.

How to Use BuzzSumo

  • Find great content ideas for posts
  • Use Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords
  • See how competitive the keywords are for ranking
  • Find the most shared content
  • Write and promote content
  • Find the best content to share with your followers
  • Make a list of influencers to reach out
  • Find good writers for your content or write own
  • Research the content of your competitors
  •  Create alerts for trending articles

Guest Blog (Accept Guest Posts from Others)

Guest blogging is a great way to spread your blog to the new audience, and it can be useful to earn quick links and references to your site as well, which will drive traffic directly and it will help in your search Ranking.

However, if you are a beginner, then it could be a little difficult to find other bloggers to post on their sites or inspire viewers to motivate others to contribute to their site.

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Give New Update to Your Old Content

It is good to update your old content when possible. This will improve the user experience and will help you get more traffic. People find it less helpful when the content is outdated, and it is likely that it will not rank high in search engines. You should know how to use analytics and identify the content that is not getting much traffic and update it.

Check out your Google Webmaster Tools account to find keywords that are ranking at the top of page two, which you can do with a promotion. Do not just update the information, also consider how you can organize the user experience of the post and actually make it more useful.

Leave useful comments on other blogs

This is a great way to increase your traffic and ranking both but it has to be done the right way. As bloggers, we see many comments. Just add some real value, along with your comment. The focus of your comments should be to build relationships with the Blogger. You will see that the results are more indirect than anything else and the construction can take some time but these relationships will increase ranking and traffic.

Survey Your Readers

Surveying the readers is also a great way to produces high engagement and great topics for conversation. If there is a topic or discussion that is especially fought, or where you suspect that can be disclosed by showing the distribution of assumptions, uses or opinions, then the survey of mononym (a small free version) or a tool like PollDaddy Check it out. Google Docs also provides a survey tool which is completely free, but in my opinion, it is not great yet.

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