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Best Blogger Templates for Shayari And Poetry


Make your book blog beautiful with these free Blogspot templates. Blogspot is a favorite platform for bloggers. Creating a blog on Blogger is easy and simple. Many people do blogging on WordPress, but the blogger is still a favorite for new bloggers.

It’s easy, hassle-free and cost-free service management. The best part is that you can make it as beautiful as you want by installing the template. This is one thing you can not do on WordPress. On WordPress, your options are limited if you are using a free WordPress. But at Free Blogspot, this is infinite. But if you are installing WordPress in your hosting then you have full customization, you can do a lot of things.

When you are searching blogger theme then you will find a lot of blogger themes, which you will get confused about. It happened to me. I started searching the templates and after a week I realized that I have seen hundreds of templates. And no one has been chosen to install.

The problem is that the more options you get, the more difficult the selection will be. But here I am going to list some free Blogspot templates that will be perfect for your poetry blog.

You can imagine why the default theme provided by Blogspot has not been used.

First of all, they do not look good.

Second, They are not unique because many people are using them because they are the default theme.

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Blogghiamo Blogger Template

Blogghiamo will affect the rare group of people who like shine and yellow color. With its minimal design and bright colors, this template has the tendency to attract eyes. Your blog name and the social page will be on top. The yellow color template is the USP.

Vulcan Blogger Templates

Vulcan Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template that has been modified from WordPress templates.

It has a thumbnail style post, and three featured post space. It has a beautiful color combo. There are several ad boxes, social widgets and a header space for your banner with 4 four-column footers with a banner in this topic.

Marigold Template for Book Blogging

Marigold template is the boldest in all the templates in this list. With Blackberry Black Color and Crystal Cut Design, Marigold template shows elegance. The sliding header is the cherry on top. The big thumbnails operate in it exciting and visually.


Colibri Template

These green Vines work under this blogger template. Many beautiful flowers also cover the vines that make this template even more beautiful. I am not a green thumb but if you love gardens, then I recommend this template for your blog. This beautiful blog design was made by John Oxton and Dennis Reddenovic.

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Cultivado is an independent Blogger Template with 3 columns, left and right sidebar, minimist, simple, floral motifs, and vectorial elements.

Scrappy Blogger Template

Scrappy is a good template for blogger customized with 2 columns, responsive design, right sidebar, grunge style, footer columns, post thumbnails and a background pattern from WordPress. Classic template for blogs about art, poetry, books, crafts or home and decor.

DietingMadeEasy Blogger Template

DietingMadeEasy is an independent blogger template which has been optimized with 3 columns, responsive design, left and right sidebar, footer column, slider, social bookmarking icon, post thumbnail and related post support from WordPress.

Great template for blogs about crafts, food or health, poetry, and beauty.

Cris Blogger Template

Cris  Free Blogger Template 3 column, one sidebar on the right-hand side Post in the center column. Special design for blogger, neutral colors and fonts pink, a summary of the posts automatically installed. Compatible with any browser in recent versions.


No matter what kind of content you want to publish on your website, this is Papermag that covers it. This free Blogger template gives you the chance to get the exact website out for yourself and your readers. Not only this, but you are capable of establishing your internet presence in a short time with little investment. Above that, Papermag does not cost you a dime.

In addition, Papermag has a lot of property that provides a professional solution for any of your top blogs, magazines or newsletters. It is SEO and mobile friendly acclimatizes to all modern and popular web browsers and is not far from modifications. You better see Papermag’s live preview page and see what is possible with this remarkable web design.



Any free blogger template you found in this archive is responsive, perfectly suited for all devices and the writeup is no different. This is another effective tool that you can get for free. Start using it with the right bat and install your dream page sooner rather than later. WriteUp gives you the weight of options to feel your page and allows you to modify it according to your choice.

All the technical stuff in the right-up are in the right order and no coding knowledge is required for this. You read right; You can easily create a blog, a newspaper or a magazine website with WriteUp. It is optimized for search engines and browsers as well as high loading speed. Write down your words there and enjoy seeing happy readers.

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