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How to Create Backlinks for my Website


Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-page SEO.

Search engines like Google rank those websites higher in search results that have informative content and high-quality backlinks. Essentially, the more quality backlinks you have, the more likely it is that you rank well when someone searches for keywords related to your website.

Most of the time new bloggers who just started a blog recently often struggle to understand about the term backlink. So, if you are also a new blogger then this article may help you to understand about backlinks and help you to rank your website higher on the search engines results.

In this article, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about backlinks. Such as what backlinks are, why they are so important to rank your website on search engines and how to create high-quality backlinks to bring huge traffic to your blog or website.

So, first, you should know what backlinks are?

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A backlink is a way to take you from one website to another external website. It links one particular site with other external websites which contain links to this site. Simply put a Backlink is a link that one website gets from another website. Backlinks help your website to increase its ranking in search engine results. Backlinks are proven to be very useful for improving your SEO ranking.

They are used for SEO purposes to optimize a website in a proper way. Each backlink is a part of a ranking puzzle.

Search engines estimate the importance of a webpage by considering multiple factors including the sources and the number of web page’s backlinks. So, you can see that whenever somebody searches something, on Google or other search engines they present website links in a concrete order. They rank them from the most valuable to the less important ones.

Why backlinks are so important?

It’s because they help search bots to crawl your site. They also help to rank it correctly to its content and help your website to attract organic traffic. So, it’s not a surprise that every blogger wants to create as many backlinks as possible to improve their website’s SEO ranking in search engines. You can say that they are a type of citation or hyperlink used in the text.

Everybody knows that Links are an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Generally speaking, high quality and relevant backlinks directing to your website help you to rank in searches batter for your targeted keywords. So, it is essential to have these kinds of backlinks, because ranking highly can also help you to increase your traffic.

However, you should not try to acquire links from every website on the Internet. The quality of links is far more important than the quantity. Google’s algorithms are so complex that a link’s relevance will be just as important as its source. So while it may feel good for your pet supplies store to get a link from your friend’s popular marketing blog, it may not help you rank any better.

How Do I Get Quality Backlinks?

Now come to the main part of this post, where I will tell you how to create high-quality backlinks for your website?

Getting backlinks is not as simple as to write the content. it takes time and a lot of hard work from you. If you are a new blogger, you’ll have to do some hard work to get backlinks from other sites. You should also need to have patience because making backlinks is a slow process.

However, I will tell some of the most effective ways to gain links to your site, based on what has worked well for me:

Let’s start!

Focus on Your Content 

The first and most essential thing you need to get backlinks is the quality content. Make sure that your site’s content is good and informative and is capable of engaging the visitor to your blog. It makes the visitors come back to your blog again. Low-quality content cannot help your SEO campaign even if you have a thousand backlinks and a well-structured site. without proper site content, it is impossible to get success.

Certainly, no blogger or other sites would give a reference to your site if you do not have the quality content. If you want to earn a backlink from them you need to make sure you’re worthy of one.

you should also provide a truly unique experience to the visitors. Other websites or blogs can have unique content or valuable information but only a few can truly offer unique value. You can do that by providing the content that increases your user’s’ experience.

There are thousands of sites available on almost every keyword but only a few are unique enough to give you something that doesn’t only meet your demands but is also different to most of what you find online. You have to present something new, some juicy. You do not want to bore your visitors with the same content that is already available on the internet.

To prevent that, you can create a list of websites that collect your target audience and consider the types of materials that they might find interesting.  When you identify the intent of your target audience, then you can focus on your content by keeping your audience’s intent into account.

so, if you are really good at writing, then start creating unique and informative content, publish it, and then promote it.

The broken-link method

broken-link building is a great method to create perfect one-way backlinks. But first, you should know what broken links are. They are links that give 404 error when we click on them. It usually happens When a site has been taken down entirely, so what happens with backlinks that already exist on other sites, well they will be turned in a 404 error obviously. And these are called broken links.

it is a bit hard to build broken link unless you focus on the right type of broken links. lots of websites have broken links but you cannot say if they are willing to fix them.

To do that, what you need to do is find resource pages related to your industry and check them for broken links.

But you cannot check every link on a page to find out if it’s a broken one or not. You can simply use some tools like Broken Link Finder or browser extension like Check MY Links. it will it easy for you by showing you all the broken links in red.

check my links

Now that you have found the broken links you need to do is report the broken link to the webmaster.  You can send them an email to notify them about the exact broken URL and where on their page the link can be found.

Once again, you’ll inform them in a friendly manner that your site has relevant content that covers the same topic, because you are favoring the webmaster by reporting broken links, your website is more likely to have backlinks.

Use Infographics

Infographics are becoming one of the most popular ways to draw traffic to your website these days and they are a great addition to your content in general. It is also a great method to get valuable backlinks to your website because they are easy to understand and share. Infographics present complex data in a visually aesthetic way that can be easily understood.  Everybody like visual data rather than the written one. Therefore, the demand for infographics is increasing enormously.

If you cannot design the infographics yourself you can use sites like “Upwork”  and find a graphic designer for seriously affordable rates.

However, you should choose your infographic carefully: Each one should include a unique and interesting story for its audience. You can follow the trending subjects to select your topic.

You can start with the idea, write short, concise blocks of information and hire a designer to bring it to life. You can also use tools like Piktochart if you want to do it yourself.

What you need to do next is share your infographic on your social media, and more importantly on sites like Visual.lyDailyInfoGraphic.com, and AmazingInfoGraphics.com.

You can also offer your infographic as a guest post to other bloggers in your industry. A single infographic can generate 100 backlinks if you are able to market it correctly.

Search Q&A Websites Networks

Questions and Answers Networks are great places to build your backlinks they leave occasional links as part of the answer to any question. Top Q & A Network – Quora, LinkedIn North, and Yahoo Answers – all have a resource box where you can add links as a reference to your answer, or create a place to see additional details. As far as a profile is concerned about going to these networks, Yahoo is not the place for answering where you can add links. On the other hand, Quora is a place where you want to make sure that you fill it as much as possible. Your main bio can have links.

People are looking for answers on Quora. What you need to do is search for questions related to your industry. You can respond to these questions and if you also have a post related to the question you can leave the link for a better understanding. For example, if you search the keyword “web designing” then you will find questions like this:

In the image, you can see that people answer the question with the link of their post that they wrote that covers a few data points relevant to the discussion.

However, you should make sure that you are linking the answer just to get a link. Instead, focus on answering the questions with great content it will increase your reputation on Quora.

Build internal links

A good Internal linking structure plays a significant role in running a successful website.

Internal links help to provide a great user experience they contribute to developing better navigation for visitors to find relevant posts and enhance the overall user experience. they are near the link juice, and you can use your anchor texts. You can also use tools that can automatically create internal links on your website or blog, if you are using WordPress, however, its better if you do it manually.

You can hold your visitors with internal links, they do not have to go and search for additional information if you are providing them it on your site. It becomes a little messy if you explain everything term and add a definition to every term on your page, so create other pages to go into details for it to make it relevant and target your market.

Turning the first instance of a technical term on your page into anchor text containing an internal backlink to the definitions page, you ensure that your readers have everything they need right at hand.

Be careful not to overload your pages with internal links, though. A good rule of thumb is to keep backlinks per page down to below 100, and you want to include external links to the count.

Promote your content with Round-up posts

There is no way that your site will rank higher unless you know how to propagate it properly. you need to get out of the world and have to outline email to promote your best articles.

One of the best strategies to do this is to contact bloggers or websites running a weekly or monthly roundup. They are some of the most popular and linked to posts on the internet.

Again, you can use Google and search for questions like “keyword + roundup”. Make sure you choose to see results only from last week or month.

what is roundup post?

In round-up posts, experts share articles on a topic. You can start with finding a bunch of experts in your industry send them an email asking one question with a deadline. And it’s good if you ask only one question it will not decrease your response rate.

after getting the answers from the experts you need to publish the post and email every expert again to let them know about the post like this:


That’s how you can bring more traffic from social media. As with other techniques, make sure that you do not abuse your relationship with any webmaster directly by asking for a link.

Keep an eye on your competitors

If you really want organic traffic, then it is compulsory for you to spy on your main competitors to stay up-to-date with online marketing strategies. You should check your competitor’s blogs and search their link building techniques and their content marketing methods.

By spying on them you can find out how your competitors are making backlink and from where the traffic is coming. You can follow them on social media, sign up to any newsletters they send out to get access to their most relevant and fruitful content. By following them you can find out the marketing methods they use to get backlinks and companies that follow them, you can also reach out to them.

You can also use tools to spy on them like Ahrefs, Cognitive SEO and Monitor Backlinks.

Monitor backlinks help you to discover when and how your competitors are building links and you can replicate the same methods to gain backlinks from them.

Google Alerts also gives you notifications about when your competitors are posting new content on their site.

Social Media

Social media platforms also play a great role to generate backlinks and to promote your site’s content.

By being active on social media you will be able to promote your website and share your content. Do not forget to give new updates on new content, products, posts to your followers if your post is informative then they will probably share your post with their friend as well creating a ripple effect of backlink opportunities.

Twitter, is a great platform for finding opportunities to guest post (we will discuss it next) on other sites. You can create a page on Facebook to interact with users and on Instagram, you can promote your brand and share advertising campaigns such as competitions with a wide range of followers.

You can run your social media platforms by yourself but in the long run, you can hire someone to do that for you.

You can also ask others to recommend your post. However, make sure that you are reaching out to people who are really interested in accepting your offer.

Guest articles

By guest posting, you can reach the new audiences to your blog. You can not only just make backlinks by this method but it will also increase your website’s online reputation or your social media followers.

How does it work?

In guest posting what you do is publish your articles on other popular websites so that your content can reach more new readers and win more performance and in exchange, you get a backlink from that site. Start with a site that is looking for guest contributions. And if you think that you are really great at that and can write authoritatively then send them a pitch.

By guest posting you are helping the other site and yourself as every guest post is entirely credited to the writer, not the hosting site.

Guest posting helps you to take advantage of your relationships and expand your audience. guest-blogging works for bloggers who are new and started their blog recently. It is a great way to builds your reputation online most especially among the authoritative sites in your field.

So, the question is how to find opportunities for guest posting?

One sure means of discovering, relevant opportunities is Google. You can simply search for them on google and find authoritative sites that are willing to give you the opportunity to guest post for them on a regular basis.

Twitter is also another great platform to look for guest post opportunities, you can find sites that are looking for guest post contributors.

At first, you can start your guest posting for small sites and once it is proven that you are really great at writing and a serious blogger you are ready to pitch for bigger sites.


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