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What is AdSense? How Does it Work?


AdSense is an advertising network from Google. Web operators can monetize their websites with AdSense to display ads provided by Google and earn revenue from them. This advertising platform is the largest and most popular advertising program on the internet since it was first launched in 2003. Right now, millions of advertisers and publishers are working with it worldwide.

If you have a blog or website that meets the criteria according to the google AdSense guidelines then you can participate with the program as well. 

once you get the approval from AdSense you will be provided a code by them to place on your website and ads will start to appear automatically.  Whenever someone will click on them you will get paid.

AdSense works on CPC (Cost per Click) means you will get paid for clicks on the ads by the visitors on your site. On one click you receive 68% of the cost and 32% goes to Google.

the ads provide ads according to your website’s content, location, and languages and some other factors. There are two types of ads that you can display on the site text ads or ads with images. You can customize text ads according to your website theme. You get the full guarantee of safety as Google AdSense is the most trustable advertising program on the internet.

However, AdSense has strict rules and guidelines if you violate any one of them AdSense will suspend your account and remove its ads immediately from your website.

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