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Sahyog Wellness Ultrasonic Nebulizer Machine (MY – 520A) with Nebulizer Kit including Children and Adult Masks (Blue & White)


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Price: ₹ 2,595.00 - ₹ 1,299.00
(as of Jul 28,2020 05:34:23 UTC – Details)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MACHINE RUNS WITH SOCKET CONNECTION, NOT BY PORTABLE CELLS. GIST OF USAGE When use this equipment, you can flow the principle of so – called “First exhale – Second inhale – Last breath hold” Frist of all, to try your best to exhale your pulmonary gas, and then to do slow and deep breathing, breath hold for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the drugs deposit rapidly, so that to achieve the using effect. In the process of using, please use mouth to inhale and nose to exhale (while doing the health care, use nose to inhale and mouth to exhale). Infants and children, the old, the weak can use face masks. Since there is physical difference between people, the atomized liquid may have different role in allergies to them, the prescription of ̀̀atomized liquid should follow the professional doctor. NOTE – Kindly note that this ultrasonic nebulizer cannot be used with viscous medicines.

NOTICE: Please be more carefully use in the flammable environment. It will stop working automatically if don’t fill water into vessel. Do not use the machine it wet condition and do not incline the machine body when using. If the machine immerge in water inadvertently, please cut off the power at once and send it to the dealer to guarantee it in good repair. When the water temperature in water vessel is less than 20˚C, please replace it with under 40˚C warm water.
OPERATION: (1) Put the transformer through the interface of electrical source, and turn on the power. (A) When the green light on, it`s at standby condition. (B) The yellow light will on when press the “mode” Button, and it`s large amount of atomization. (C) The “Yellow – Green” light will flash alternately when press the “Mode” button again, and it`s small amount of atomization. (D) It can manually stop when you press the “Mode” Button for the third time.
OPERATION (Cont..): (2) When the machine stop working automatically and if there is residual atomized liquid in the cup medicine, you can repeat the third [Step (C)]. (A) After using, please cut off the power supply and sterilize the parts of equipment strictly and keep the equipment dry. (B) Take the baffle- type cover Cup mask and gasket to soak in disinfectant, and the soaked time should conform to the disinfectant instruction.
OPERATION (Cont..): (C) Add water to the level of rubber ring in water vessel, together with two or three drops of alcohol and after three minutes. Put some disinfectant in and the soaked time should also conform to the disinfectant instruction. (D) Wipe up the equipment components with clean and down less cloth.


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