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Febreze Eliminate Odours Classic Fabric Freshener – 500 ml


Price: ₹ 479.00
(as of May 19,2021 07:15:18 UTC – Details)

Classic fragrance will bring the outside in with the fresh, clean scent of breeze dried laundry. Febreze fabric refresher freshens fabrics that won’t go in the washing machine, like curtains, sofas, cushions and carpets. Everyday odours (like cooking odours, smoke, body odour, odours left by pets, mold and mildew odours etc). Can get trapped in fabrics and are gradually released back into the air over time, which can cause bad odours. Febreze fabric refresher spray has an odour elimination technology that seeks out those odours in fabrics to eliminate them (and thus stops them from coming back) while releasing a nice fresh and long lasting fragrance. This is the dual benefit of Febreze fabric refresher: it eliminates odours and freshens. Febreze fabric refresher can be used at any time to give the home a fresh feel and to feel confident that it’s “guest ready. ” Try the Febreze fabric freshener as a part of your regular cleaning routine by misting upholstery, curtains, carpet and the air as you move through every room. Use on sofas, curtains, carpets, linen, car, pet area, clothing, gym bags and fabric shoes. How to use the fabric refresher spray? Spray fabrics until damp. Febreze removes odours as it dries. On delicate fabrics test first on hidden area. Do not use on leather, suede or silk.


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