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Nechams KN95 Mask with respirator valve #1 High Grade Mask, filters airborne particles Pack of 2 black


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Price: ₹440.00 - ₹171.00
(as of Jul 27,2021 20:39:26 UTC – Details)

WHY SHOULD WE NEED THE KN-95/(N)95 MASK: we all are already troubled with daily pollution, airborne particles, aerosol liquids and fluids, dust chemicals, smoke, particles,. We all want to live a safe life, but we live in haze days, dust, vehicle exhaust, air pollution. Our environment is full of dust, haze, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, and the KN-95/N-95 mask can keep you from dust, Dirt, Pollen, Fumes or particulates that effect you breathe in the air. Special Features: – Material: Nonwoven PP Features: Breathable, soft lining, latex and fiberglass free Application: Industrial, Daily use. Outdoor, Travel, Air travel, Train travel Style: Elastic ear-loop or tie on Product Features: Breathing easily Skin cared and comfortable in wearing Adjustable fitness between mask and nose with nose clip and earloop Moisture-proof Dust mask with valve Anti-dust, n95 PM2.5, fog 2. Product weight: 25 grams 3. Uses Running, cycling, riding, motorcycle, woodworking, lawn mowing and other outdoor activities, industrial activities 4. Masks are Not Washable but they are Reusable. 5. Filters are inbuilt in the mask. No need for separate filters. Other Uses:- spray-paints or paintings, dyeing, garages, mining, general industrial activities Listing disclaimer: KN-95 and N-95 masks are almost similar in specifications only are two separate standards, it might happen some product have N-95 and some product have KN-95 embossed in product, so donot worry both will be same for general everyday usage for optimum protection

This KN-95/(N)95 mask can protect you from Dust | Air Borne particles | Aerosols and Fluids | Pollution and dirt | Haze of Fog
KN-95/N-95 mask Made from proper Meltblown fabric layers to achieve maximum efficiency and with nose clips for better snug fit
Use KN-95/(N)95 mask for Outdoor activities, air travel, daily activities like running, walking, oiutdoor travel, common and general industrial usage
Comfortable for your skin layers, Certified KN-95/(N)95 mask in recognized labs | Layer breakup as 1st layer: Hydrophobic Non woven outer layer 2nd: air cotton, 3rd and 4th layer: Melt blown filter, Hydrophobic Non-woven inside layer


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